Live Stream Pilates Mat Classes

  • Are 50 minutes in length

  • Taught in the privacy of your own space

  • Can be performed without special equipment

Live Stream Mat Classes are conducted via Zoom with students from around the globe participating. Classes are conducted so that all fitness levels can benefit and they are designed to stretch and strengthen the body with a strong focus on core abdominal work. Optional props such as 2lb hand weights (or small water bottles), a 9" Pilates ball (or a small pillow) and resistance bands are sometimes used but not required for class.  If you would like to purchase props, here are the ones that are recommended:

Recommended Pilates Props

Live Stream Mat Class Packages


For the Virtual Core Tryout

For the Starter Virtual Core

Note:   Zoom is the platform that is used for Live Stream classes. To join a Live Stream class you must first sign up on the MINDBODY App for the class that you want to attend. You will then receive a link to the scheduled class via Zoom. Please download the Zoom App in advance of the class to avoid running into technical delays.

Try out one of the Live Stream Mat Classes here!

PWL Virtual Library

To compliment your Pilates practice, we have the PWL (Pilates with Luci) Virtual Library. Here you have your own personal Pilates studio with access to a boutique movement experience anytime, anywhere.  The PWL Virtual Library holds not only the 50-minute full body Pilates Live Stream Mat Classes but also a number of curated movement videos designed to educate you, challenge you and change you. The library targets those looking for full classes of Pilates or specialized tutorials aimed towards specific body issues. There are videos suitable for all fitness levels. These workout videos can be selected based on the workout type, equipment, fitness level, targeted body area and time.

PWL Virtual Library Packages


For a Dose of Pilates Anytime in a Month

For a Dose of Pilates Anytime in the Year

Here is a sample of what is available in the PWL Virtual Library.