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Private Pilates Reformer Sessions

  • Are 50 minutes in length

  • Taught on                                Pilates equipment

  • Call the studio for an appointment at (850) 287-5194.


These sessions are customized and designed specifically for you. The first session consists of a movement and postural assessment to determine your goals and your body’s specific needs. Subsequent sessions are created to address weaknesses and to enforce correct movement patterns. Private sessions are particularly beneficial to individuals looking to gain confidence in the movement and equipment, build strength after an injury, for athletes who want to improve performance by strengthening their core, and for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of the Pilates method.


The Personal Core for $68.00

The Virtual Personal Core for $65.00

A Pair of Core for $90.00

Each Core in a Pair for $45.00

Private Pilates Reformer Sessions

These sessions have the advantages of private sessions as they are particularly tailored for two people and their specific needs. With only two people, there is added focus on the individuals allowing for more directed instruction and corrections.

Duet Pilates Reformer Sessions

Note:  Please call the studio at (850) 287-5194 in order to make bookings for any private or semi-private sessions as these sessions cannot be booked online at this time..  

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