Getting started with any new movement experience can be intimidating so my goal is to eliminate any hesitancy that you may have. I want you to be excited to join a class, to move, to challenge yourself a bit and to feel good!

Step 1 - Initial Consultation

To get started, I invite you to either use the form here or call (850) 287-5194 to request an appointment for us to meet and to tour the studio. This allows us to get to know each other and for me to understand your goals and motivation to start learning Pilates.
The Initial Consultation is a one-on-one 30-minute active discussion which will help us devise a movement program best fit for your individual body. During the Initial Consultation, you will have the opportunity to try out some of the Pilates equipment in order to have a recommended plan forward. Wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to move around a bit!

Pilates with Luci

Step 3 - After the Initial Consultation

Based on your Initial Consultation, you will have three options and we will decide together which is best option for you.

Option 1:  The first option you have will be to start with New Client Private Sessions. This package of two sessions is focused on you and your body so that you can get comfortable with the movement and flow of Pilates. We will schedule these sessions once you decide you like this option.

Option 2:  The second option you have will be to attend a Reformer 101 class. This class is designed for those students who are new to Pilates or those returning after some time who want a reintroduction to the equipment and the method.  This class can be purchased as a single class or as part of a package.

Option 3:  The third option you have will be to jump directly into one of the regularly scheduled Group Reformer Classes or virtually join a Virtual Live Mat Classes. There are a variety of Group Reformer Classes available so we will discuss and determine which one is right for you.


Initial Consultation Form


Step 2 - Initial Consultation Payment

You may pay for your Initial Consultation either before or after we have it scheduled. You may use MINDBODY (click if you already have an account or see instructions below to set one up) or follow instructions below for Venmo or Zelle.


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Use the information here to send via Zelle

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How to Install                          


If you don't have a MINDBODY account or the MINDBODY app installed, click on the button below. MINDBODY is used for viewing class availability, reserving classes, changing or cancelling classes, setting up calendar reminders, rating classes and making payments. It is the easiest way to find the class you want, book it and keep track of your schedule! Links within this Pilates with Luci website will take you directly to MINDBODY to make the process faster and simpler for you to use.

Here is the link to install the app if you want to get a
head start!


What to expect at the studio

What to wear

Wear comfortable, form-fitting, breathable clothes that you can easily move in. Form-fitting clothes will permit visibility to your body alignment and allow me to make precise corrections to your form. The goal is to focus on the movement rather than what you are wearing. Non-slip socks are recommended for class. There are several non-slip socks options available for purchase. Bare feet are also acceptable.

What to bring

All equipment and props are provided. You may bring water to stay hydrated. There is a water cooler available in the studio if you need a refill.

Arrive on time

Please arrive 5-10 minutes before class starts to ensure that everything is set up properly for you when class begins.


All clients are required to fill out a waiver before the first class. This can be done online when you create your MindBody profile or when you come to the studio for your Initial Consultation.


When people don’t show up for a session or cancel at the last minute, their space in the class goes unused. In order to avoid the inconvenience of unused space which could be used by other clients, we have a lenient cancellation policy. You can freely cancel, without charge, up to 24 hours before a session start time. If you cancel less than 24 hours prior to the session start time, you will be charged the full fee for that session.