Pilates is a holistic approach to fitness. Exercises are oriented towards functional fitness, meaning that Pilates teaches you to move better in general. Pilates helps to improve breathing, posture, core strength, stability, muscle balance, flexibility and strength.

Teaches Proper Breathing

Breathing properly gives the blood pumping through your body the oxygen it needs to improve the precision of your movements. Using thoracic breathing, which encourages you to breathe not just from the belly, but to allow the entire rib cage to fill up as you inhale, expanding the sides and back, will help build endurance. When you exhale in a way that connects your breath to your core, you will build more strength from within.

Improves Body Awareness

Increasing your body awareness will clue you in to what bad habits you may have gotten into as you have trained. Fine-tuning your posture can make all the difference in the world. Maintaining correct posture throughout a session, helps you to feel muscles activate that you never knew existed before!

Builds Core Strength

In Pilates, you train not only your major muscle groups but also the deep intrinsic stabilizing muscles of the pelvis, abdomen and back which helps the major muscle groups work more efficiently. Runners and hikers can power forward from their core so that their legs do not fatigue as quickly. Golfers learn how to use their obliques muscles to rotate the torso more efficiently on their swing.

Fixes Muscle Imbalances

When training for a specific sport, the body develops muscle imbalances due to certain repetitive movements. Pilates focuses on balancing opposing muscle groups by strengthening those that are weak and stretching those that are tight for optimal results. This increases both your flexibility and your strength.

Reduces Injury Risks

Learning how to strengthen and stabilize hip and shoulder joints makes you more powerful and more resistant to injury. The unique adjustable springs on Pilates equipment provide resistance as the muscles contract, so there’s minimal stress on joints, ligaments & tendons. Pilates helps you rehabilitate old injuries and helps prevent you from acquiring new ones.