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Catherine Pierce is from a small town in upstate New York. In her youth as a competitive Irish step-dancer, Catherine studied intricate footwork, strategy, rhythmic timing and mindbody coordination. 

As a university student in Austin,Texas she discovered Pilates while working as a receptionist in a renowned Occupational Therapy clinic. Catherine's fledgling years were under the tutelage of Romana certified instructors and pain management experts.


With a solid classical Pilates foundation, Catherine completed a comprehensive certification through Power Pilates and attained a certification in Massage therapy. 

Throughout the decade that followed, Catherine would open her own studio and welcome elite athletes as well as individuals with special needs. Catherine's experience and holistic approach made a safe place for those who are wheelchair bound, suffer from  Chronic pain, neurological conditions & intellectual disabilities.

Most recently, Catherine dedicated a year to a Hospice service providing comfort and care through energy work and foot massage. Her work continues as a guest teacher with Cancer Rehabilitation & Integrative Medicine online platform.

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What to expect in Catherine's class

  • You’ll be safe and have fun.

  • Special Focus: Imagination, form &  present-time consciousness 

  • After class results: Experience a deeper understanding of your body. You will progressively gain better mobility, strength, focus and control. Your body will be capable of more complex movements without strain.

Today, Catherine is nurturing an ever expanding community through Zoom classes and workshops from her 25ft Airstream in Florida. Join her happiness & wellness practice rooted in the methods and philosophy developed by Joseph Pilates.

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