Belinda McAda

Niceville, FL

"Attending Luci's class 2-3 times per week for the past two months has reduced the chronic back and sciatic nerve pain that I have been dealing with for almost 3 years.  The chiropractors that I have seen have only provided a temporary fix.  Finally one suggested strengthening the core muscles. Buy a paddle board or do pilates.  I mentioned this to a friend and two days and two days later she told me had a notification on FB about Pilates with Luci.  We made the decision to sign up for 3 sessions.  I noticed a difference after the first class and continued pain free the entire day.  I couldn't believe that one class made such a difference. After 3 classes, I was hooked! My friend and I decided to be PB's (Pilates buddies) for one year.  We signed up for the duet class and have been using the reformer also.  We are up to 3 classes per week most weeks.  I have been attending classes for 2 months now along with once a month chiropractic care and have made a lot of improvement. 


Luci is truly dedicated to helping all of her students benefit from her classes. She is extremely knowledgeable, observant and always displays a positive attitude to encourage improvement.  Thank you for changing my life!"

Amanda Robydek

Niceville, FL

"I look forward to going to each class. Luci is a wonderful instructor! She really takes her time to make sure we are doing the exercises correctly so we don't injure ourselves. I've learned so much from her. We also have a great time in class and laugh through the pain!"

Raymond Dickens

Pensacola, FL

My first session of Pilates began about 4 weeks before running my second marathon.  I'd trained really hard trying to better my previous time.  In the process, I aggravated muscles in my lower back.  After visits to the urgent care, a massage parlor and my chiropractor with minimum success, I contemplated withdrawing from the race due to unbearable lower back pain.  That's when I met Luci and began a two to three Pilates sessions  a week.  Luci catered exercises to fit my needs and encouraged me to stick with the plan. By race day I was pain free, and my recovery time was cut in half.  I'd Say Pilates is the most effective exercise I utilize.  Pilates is also very efficient as it maximizes strength and stretching in a relatively short period of time.  Luci brings positive passionate energy coupled with knowledge to each of her sessions. 

Kelly Keathly

Niceville, FL

"I started mat classes and private lessons with Luci in March, when I couldn't run due to a hip issue, and I had some weight to lose. I truly feel lucky to have found Luci. Her passion for Pilates really shows through in her teaching, and the energy she creates in her classes is so positive and welcoming. I just turned fifty, and I'm uncoordinated and arthritic, with a variety of age-related issues, and Luci is knowledgeable, and patient, and encouraging, and kind. She is everything I could ever hope for in an instructor! And through diet, private lessons, mat classes, and homework (yes, she will give you homework :) I lost 10lbs and I fell in love with Pilates forever."

Bekah Edwards

Niceville, FL

"I have worked with Luci for over 9 months now between mat classes and personal training sessions. I can say that I feel very safe in her care. Her knowledge of Pilates and how the human body works and moves is outstanding. She can customize even her group mat class sessions to your personal needs, and will make sure that you get the workout that you need. When I found out I was pregnant, Luci and I decided to start doing one on one training session together so that she could make sure I was not doing anything to put myself or the baby at risk. I am now 33 weeks pregnant and have less lower back pain, headaches, neck straining, and more flexibility in my back than I did before my pregnancy. I know for a fact that my body would not be feeling this good if I were not practicing Pilates on a regular basis with Luci. I have done many other workouts ranging from high impact to low impact and nothing has given me the awareness and knowledge of how to improve my body and posture like Pilates. I would highly recommend anyone of any body type or fitness level to work with Luci!"

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