Group Reformer Classes

  • ​Are 50 minutes in length

  • Have a maximum of 6 people

  • Taught on                               Pilates equipment 

Group Reformer classes are specifically designed to offer the most well-rounded workout possible. Exercises are done under the watchful eye of the instructor with heavy emphasis on proper body alignment. These classes incorporate a variety of the Pilates studio apparatus, including the Reformer, Chair, Tower and Spine Corrector. Because Pilates equipment uses a system of resistance, classes can accommodate beginner levels as well as more seasoned fitness levels. There are also specialized Reformer classes offered. The class structure is new and different for each class so it's sure to keep you on your toes and to get your core tight!

For a Sample of Core

For the Weekly Core

For the Steady Core

For the Maximum Core


Note:   Prior to reserving space in a class, please ensure you have already purchased a class or package which will be applied to your reservation.

Specialty Group Reformer Classes

Here are our Specialty Group Reformer Classes that are currently available. These classes  are particularly designed to address specific client requests. 

Pilates 101

This is an introductory class for clients who are new to the Pilates Method. It teaches how to correctly use the various Pilates equipment (Reformer, Chair, Tower, etc.) along with proper form.

JumpBoard Cardio

The jumpboard is an attachment to the reformer that turns the reformer into a cardio machine. Increased heart rate, muscle tone, and burning more calories are a few of the benefits of this fun class.

Tower Strength

This class uses the Tower equipment to provide extra resistance for strengthening, toning and lengthening the muscles. It also provides the deep stretching needed to open the hips and lengthen the spine. This class will definitely leave you feeling taller and stronger!

Prenatal Pilates

This class is designed for ladies who are expecting and consists of specific stretching and strengthening exercises using the Pilates equipment. The focus is on the lower back, hips and legs and will help with the typical aches and pains occurring during this time.

For the Expecting Core

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