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About Pilates with Luci

My Story

I fell in love with the Pilates method in 2012 when I accidentally stumbled into a YMCA Pilates class. After talking to the instructor about how she learned the method, she pointed me to Pilates by Val, a studio in Gulf Breeze, FL. I attended Val's classes for a few months and once I started feeling the benefits in my body (improved posture, flexibility and reduced back pain), I decided to pursue a full certification and try to turn it into a career.

My personal experience has shaped the way I approach my practice. Correct and controlled movement with the intention of restoring balance to the body is the focus of my teaching.  I view Pilates as one of the tools that I use to help my clients better understand their bodies and learn how to prevent or recover from injuries.

I truly believe that Pilates is for EVERYONE:  every body type, every age and every fitness level. Whether you are training with me one-on-one or in a group setting, you can expect personalized attention. My reformer classes are limited to 6 people so that I can watch everyone and make the necessary corrections.  I am committed to the well-being of every single client. I strive to give you a great workout but more importantly, to impress on you the correct way to train and move your body both in class and in your daily lives.

I look forward to meeting you and working with you! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly at 850-287-5194!

Owner & Instructor

Luci Venture

PMA Certified Pilates Instructor

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1081 E John Sims Pkwy

Niceville, FL United States 32578

Call or Text:   (850) 287-5194



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